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Jul 5, 2012


Summer is in FULL swing and with the ladies scantly clad, late sunsets, and Converses' in full sneaker rotation you know the only thing missing is THAT Summer song you can listen to in your ride or while just chillin' with your people.

Theres a SURPLUS of Summer songs for 2012 but you know HERE at RIF we support those that support US and all these artist are no exception.

SO if there was a list of SONGS necessary for the RIF Summer Time playlist, it would go something like this:

1) My type of party -DOM Kennedy

2) The Recipe- Kendrick Lamar feat DR. Dre

3) Summertime- Yultron feat. YG -4Hunna

Each song has ITS proper occasion/location. i.e. you wouldn't wear dress shoes to the beach, Nike Cortez in East LA or FAKE Nikes at RIF.

Each one of these songs have its proper listening location. It would go something like this:

1) My type of party -DOM Kennedy - Crenshaw CA. LA

2) The Recipe- Kendrick Lamar feat DR. Dre - Compton CA. LA

3) Summertime- Yultron feat. YG -4Hunna - Any predominately caucasian neighborhood. USA

These 3 songs are a must. 

Peep the VID and ENJOY.



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