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Jul 23, 2012


At times a pleasant face or good company can reduce the stress of daily routine and can turn an awkward day at work into laughs and smiles.  Friends and Family is that secret potion of happiness and relief when your day has taken the wrong turn. A familiar face, brightens the mood and certain personalities though tiresome, can bring a smile your face.

The Gentry is one of those people. A southern raised gentleman with an accent thicker than "crocodile Dun Dee", brightens the room and brings a laugh out of the seriousness of the day.  Born and raised with a strict Christian background in North Carolina he is not only courteous and gracious but knowledgeable in Jesus, The Bible and sneaker affairs.

Here he is sporting one of his latest pickup AJ 9 Carolina with a matching ensemble.

Most of the Time talking about over paid NBA players and Quality on the latest Nike Air Jordan, its Gentry's personal stories growing UP that make us Tentative as grade-schooler preparing for his first test.

He not only coaches Junior High schoolers in both Swimming and Basketball,  prepping them to be the next big stars... but has an un-disclosed Night Job. 

Non the less he came the shop to share with us his lastest PICKUP. After months of hard work he bought a NEW automobile cash. Hard work does pay off. Congratulations Gentry.

He calls his Car, "Toblerone" ALL Swiss, ALL Chocolate.

A nice change from the SUV's normally seen on the streets.

Carl wanted to experience swiss goodness.

See you soon CARL.

Gentry Pulling AWAY.

Overall the RIDE was CARL Approved.

Making our way back to the shop another familiar face came to share his newest PICKUP (it was pickup day) . The Homie Jimmy picked up his new BIKE.

We're not motorcycle savvy here at RIF but in shoe terms,  This would be as equivalent as a pair of Paris Dunk Sb's amoung all the other dunks.

Jimmy Calls her "Spicoli" Always a FAST TIME,  Always Reckless.

Each Ducati individually numbered and there is NOTHING in the streets faster than this bike street legal. SMH

You know we need an "Andre' the BUM" Cameo.

Jimmy taking the term #wildboyz to the brink.

As the Day progressed into the NIGHT the idea of speed and cars took its toll.

Before Dropping Ed off at home, we decided to have a Good Ol Fashion RACE down the 1 way of 3rd Street in Little Tokyo (please don't try this at home)

Good Night RIF, you've been good to us today.

You know before any RACE you need to get ready and turn up that motivational track.

Manny Preparing his TIRES spinning out while others inhale the deadly tire Dust and Ed hiding in his seat from the embarrassment of those around.

Good Job Manny.

After Manny was spinning out and acting like it was the Last race scene in Fast and Furious 5. They realized that they have caught un-wanted attention and decided to CRUISE around Downtown LA until they felt the safe was clear.

Casually driving through the flower district you can pick up those much needed roses needed to mend last nights fight with the wifey.

Los Angeles Summer nights. >

Who says we don't have TREES in Downtown LA. Wood and Metal.

Fire Escape.

Manny's Gym

Though homeless ness in Los Angeles has decreased 3% since last year. Downtown LA streets are still home to hundreds of transients and Homeless. 

Its nice to see missions in LA helping those in NEED. #GPHGP

Missions here in LA stop accepting daily occupants after 6PM.

A young skater took a wrong turn. 

After our full tour around DOWNTOWN it was TIME to start what the night was set out to be.

Both Murad and Manny on the starting line.

Both take off with pedal to the medal while obnoxious blaring music is bumped onto LA streets.

Murad reckless going 90 on the 1 way. SMH

"FUCK they caught us"- Murad 

"Mo%$^ Fuc%rrrrr" - Ed

I Guess it was our LUCK. Safe and SOUND and back at the building with the Fire Escape.

As we were walking to the rendezvous point we see this BIG MAN staring at us, surely we were going to get Mugged or beaten. 

Murad securly wraps his fingers around his pepper spray in one had while clenching his fist with the other.

As we close this strange face, we noticed it was no other than "teddy bear" Manny.

 Manny waiting patiently with a smile on his face after winning the RACE with Murad.

"Thanks for the FUTURA P-Rods ...Murad"-Manny

The Finishline.

"I coulda' had you.. how'd you do it?" - Murad

"I live my life a quarter mile at a time...nothing else matters"- Manny

Next Time, Manny and Murad have a foot race.  



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