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Jul 18, 2012


Being a "SneakerHEAD", is sometimes used when describing an individual that is into or sports a specific type or brand of sneaker.  The term sometimes has a negative connotation but its roots are based not necessarily on the shoes but the admiration of the athletes who wore/wear these sneakers.

Footwear has always been a staple in ALL types of athletic events. From track
shoes to ballet shoes they are an intricate part of an athletes ensemble. Many that watch
from the sidelines do not have a keen understanding of the importance of specific design
aesthetics and simply don't care. Most admire the look and a possible piece of footwear that they can match with a shirt in their closet. 

 But when thinking about these products its not just the colors that are important but the design aesthetics that goes into the manufactured product. Today, marketing and promotion play an important roll in product sales but the longevity that Nike has created in the sport shoe industry
 is based on their color, feel, design and public appeal ALL have to simlutaneaouly blend to make an impact.

 Nike Running and basketball shoes more specifically as of LATE has made a big splash in the industry 
making headway past our beloved Dunks and Retro runner.

Nike has always designed against the grain and has created sneakers that is not only aesthetically appealing but functionally ahead of its time.

The NIKE ROSHE has crossed the boundaries from all those interested in Nike Basketball, Nike Running, Nike SB and all of the ABOVE

 THE NIKE ROSHE has changed the GAME in our opinion combing Comfort/Style/ingenuity adding a price point hard to resist. We see individuals that have never owned anything other than VANS wear a pair of these, and is coincidentally the only PAIR of shoes that EVERYONE at RIF OWNs.

IF you haven't tried on a PAIR beware, you may never want to wear anything else. 

You can't forget NIKE's fore father, without the NIKE "AIR" System we would never have

The Free, Lunar, Or 360 or anything comfortable from NIKE.

Carl really doesn't care.

"Give me my SB's Jonts- Carl

Others also Sacrifice comfort with Classic Footwear.

 Vans W(taps) Chukka

Good Choice.

A pleasure to meet you bro.

Going back to the idea of our Forefathers and Nike Air.

 Our Good Friend TITO Per-Jean sporting Nike Air Jordan 5 in the Olive colorway with the matching shorts, shirt and Hat.

And the Bag was for his "niece" neverming that... Tito Jean, we never Judge here at RIF. #support

Another one of Nike's Designs that incorporates classic design with a sense of comfort. SPIZIKE

 Nevermind the security tag it comes free with the purchase.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, The NIKE Tennis Classic, though as comfortable as walking bear foot on burning ROCKS, the marketing and promotion of this sneaker has the driving price equivalent to 10 pairs of NIKE ROSHE's...go figure, STILL an awesome shoe.

Not SO Awesome, J. LIN's contract. Signing to the Houston Rockets for 25M/ 3 years.

Now thats an uncomfortable situation for Houston.

Regardless of the Label you give yourself or the sneakers you wear make sure they represent you and your purchase wasn't driven because of hype/ marketing ^^^ or what a stranger thinks of them...Ohh and make sure their COMFY, you only have 2 feet.

Stay Tuned, NEXT week, Carl walks through broken GLASS


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