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Jul 11, 2012


Summer is in full stride and living in Southern California that not only means breaking out those fresh sneakers that you've been saving all winter but to STUNT to the fullest. So. Cal is the summer capitol of flossing and letting those around you know that your looking good, dressed to impress, eating alright (BBQ's),  and cruising right. These are all a must when living in southern CALI. Here at RIF that is no exception. Though most of us that WORK at RIF have mundane automobiles and are not in the best of shape some even having no means of transportation (Ed), we try our best to fill the summer ideal.

These summer PERKs are some of the benefits of living in this fine section of the world.

The day After the 4th of JULY, Good morning Little Tokyo.

The rush or tourism and hip locals aren't rampant at this time, but will soon be.

- Manny (waking up hungover from the stockroom)

What do we have here? A pleasant surprise from one of our Friends, whenever he has the opportunity to make it to SO CAL, he makes it to Bottega Louie in DTLA and makes sure to DROP off some of our favorite treats. 

Some call it DONATOS we call them Donuts. Thanks again for the goodies, E.

Such a delicious treat and at $3 a piece they better be delicious...make sure next time you stop by Bottega Louie treat yourself before the summer ends.

What E, wore today.

What E's homie wore today, DEAD but not Forgotten. 


Summer 2012 is in FULL Throttle how could we forget about the SUMMER Olympics?

Murad is taking FULL advantage of the Cali Weather with his TANTUM Bucket HAT.  If your not sporting one by now, your doing summer all WRONG.

Carl Always Treating Customers to the best SERVICE this industry has to Offer.

Take 2, CARL handle business.

"Yes this is the AIR Geezy Max 2.."- Carl

Looking RIGHT, the homie Gentry came to the shop AFTER his 3 hour workout session and you already know what he's at the shop for, more SNEAKERS.

"MUSCLES" Gentry showing us the illegal GOODS...do you have tickets?

 AF1 summer STEEZ, Always a pleasure to see you "MUSCLES' until next week.

The homie G-MONEY came down with Murad's Potential new RIDE. After weeks of us making fun of his Baby MOMMAS Convertible he decided to look into something more MASCULINE.

Nice Choice Young Murad.

Black and WHITE we call this CARL.

Speaking of Black and White, here is one of our FAVORITE summer shoes, TOO bad it was too small for any of us.

AF1 Fragment.

Looking Good, Eating, and RIDING right is not the only PRIORITY for the CALI summer TIME.

Trippy STICK Murad has other plans.

We have what you need.

ASAP Jonli Came thru with THAT 4th of JULY Swag. 

Not only do we support the USA like ASAP Jonli but the Customers that come from ABROAD.

What they wore today, nice to meet you two.

Ed also supports the LOCAL senior citizens of LITTLE TOKYO.

As the DAY was winding DOWN and foot traffic started to idle. RIF's Favorite couple cam through to ENGERGIZE our spirits with some delectable Mexican cuisine.



Thank you again MR. and MS. Paine!
 We not only appreciate you but thank you for SAVING us from  the mundane Japanese food LITTLE TOKS has to offer.

What our Favorite couple wore today.

You know we had to bless them with a RIF sweater and STEAL on a pair of AM90 Infrared.

Pleasure to SEE you two again, see you two SOON! 

IT was just unfortunate that SUPER Intern Conner had to watch the rest of the guys eat because Manny didn't want to SHARE. SMH. 

Does someone want to BRING food for SUPER INTERN CONNOR?
"Please" - Connor

As we were closing the SHOP Manny's 4th of JULY spirit was still in FULL indulgence and still had a small trick up his sleeve.

Manny took us for a little voyage through the LITTLE Tokyo Parking LOT and we didn't know where he was taking us.

OK MANNY we get it, you have a BEEMER, he calls him WILL SMITH...independence day.

ITS RIF of nothing.

Manny decided to speed/ DRIFT to the TOP of the parking LOT word to Vin Diesel.

At the TOP of the parking LOT he pulls out the SURPRISE.

CHINESE made, Mexican sold ILLGAL Fireworks.

Thanks Manny we gonna burn this bitch down, and go to JAIL. Appreciate you.

 Manny in the PAIL moonlight.

Manny having a difficult time lighting the pyrotechnics, but his determination guides him through this firework adversity.

OK Manny...COOL.


 Hope you enjoyed the SHOW Little TOKYO.  

While taking this photo. Manny was already in his CAR speeding off, while security was rushing to top of the parking LOT.

Manny Speeding OFF.

Thanks Manny for DRIVING OFF, while I was taking Pictures for the blog.

Next TIME, We shoot fireworks inside of MANNY's Car and see if thats funny.


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