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Oct 18, 2012


We have been a staple in the sneaker community for almost 6 years. From our early inception from sending 1 package a day to what it is today, sending/selling hundreds of shoes a month.

It has been a roller coaster ride here at RIF and we thank the most invaluable piece of the puzzle, YOU, our supporters and anyone who has stepped through the RIF doors in the past 5 (almost 6 years).

We have tried to stay consistent with excellent customer service as well as provide you ALL with the most comprehensive and well sorted selection of sneakers at prices SECOND TO NON.

With the feedback we have received from emails, post cards, birthday cards and GIFTS from our supporters it seems we are meeting your expectations and we are BLESSED.

RIF has been growing at an exponential rate and we wanted to create something for those that do not necessary come to RIF on a weekly basis. Jeff and I wanted to spread the RIF idea to those that are not necessarily into footwear, or to those that have "grown" out of the scene.

So Jeff and I contemplated for YEARS on what we wanted to create. We wanted to expand RIF into something MORE than sneakers, creating something that we are not only interested in but something that was lacking locally and most important nationally.

What would you create?

After years of butting heads and ideas. What we came up with was simple. A Clothing Store.

Like RIF, what if we sorted out all the bull-shit and had a destination that had ONLY TOP TIER clothing brands and pieces. Brands that would not NORMALLY be distributed to other shops other than their own. Brands that are only available in 3 states. Brands where enthusiasts camp out for days for a T-Shirt. Now what IF we carried these TOP TIER Brands and consistently had new merchandise weekly. That is RIF Clothing.

Imagine RIF creating a clothing destination and a webshop that would distribute across the globe to those not fortunate enough to attain goods wanted. 

THAT is what we are creating for you.

WE are close to our NEW Store Opening, and mind you...you will NOT be dis-appointed.

Back to RIF the shoe shop...

The Homie Snoop decided whether or not he wants to buy his 4th pair of Black and Red Air Jordan 1's

Con-weezyth taking a flick with a shoe he NEVER knew about. SMH.
How could he NOT recognize an ICON?

@$4000.00 We think its a fair price.

Their home for NOW.  Don't worry the Seller wanted them here.

The RIF sneaker LINE-UP.

Earlier this week 3 of our supporters came in wearing the BLACK and RED 1's

Funny thing is they didn't even know each other.

Manny back from a short 3 day VACATION. 

"Good to see you Mannyyyy" - Ed

"Im not cleaning the toilet again...Manny" - Connor 

"...too bad" - Manny

Once in a WHILE we are surprised on how far our MOTTO GOES

"Good People, Helping Good People."

Apparently NBA 2nd Overall Draft PICK Derrick William caught wind and wanted to HELP out the CAUSE.

He donated 2 pairs of Under Armour PLAYER Exclusives to the LESS fortunate of Los Angeles.

Being in Minnesota he couldn't make it through but his cousin did... you best believe when he comes to LA we'll have pics. Unfortunately Kobe's going to make it rain on Minnesota. haha

Thanks again Derrick.

Follow him on twitter @RealDwill7

Size 15.5

We are surprised how generous donation have been lately. Most barely worn some BRAND NEW.

Thank you ALL to those that have been donating for the past month.

Carl NOT too happy with all the empty boxes he has to keep in his car for RIF future use.

Thanks Carl. 

All of your donations as of MONDAY have been donated to the GOOD People over at 

Check their mission statement. WWW.THECHANGE-UP.ORG

With the COOL winter weather creeping up WHITE shoes are getting put aside.

Sneaker SNAPS of the DAY.

AJ 16's are the ONLY other Jordan's other than the 11's that should have patent leather.

Well played.

Connor wearing his CAP like 2 Chainzz. 

NOT Well Played

Supreme "Zebra Stripe" Vans

Well Played.

Forgetting the Other side of your consignment.

NOT Well Played.

We're excited to OPEN our new store.

Stay Tuned.

Have a blessed week.



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