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Oct 11, 2012

Oh Yea.

The COLD weather has finally reached us here in Los Angeles, vans and converse are slowly making its way back into our closets making room for Hightops and other winter durable sneakers.

Though the winter weather here in LA doesn't dip below 45 degrees its always a nice change of pace to experience the winter weather and most importantly the Holiday Season.

Some take the Holiday Idea of "Giving" to heart  and start giving to the less fortunate early.

our loyal customer @christerrydraws came by to donate 5 bags full of sneakers for the less fortunate of LA. Thank you and God Bless.

Directly from your closets into the HANDS of those of the SKID ROW needy.

Another generous supporter @nice_soles also came by and donated a set of NEAR Deadstock misc. shoes he HAD tucked away in his closet.

@nice_soles could have easily sold these shoes and made $500+ but opted to DONATE these to the less fortunate. Its situations like these that slightly off-set the fights, stabbing and murders or recent sneaker releases.

Not ALL sneaker collectors are hoarding, selfish, re-sellers. Some if not MOST are giving, generous and simply want nice sneakers. It the nature of the sneaker game that transforms us.

Counting the Blessings. Most of these shoes are slightly worn some even brand new.

Thank you again @nice_soles.

The Homie JED came also came through to bless us with delicious Diddy Reese cookies. (No pictures of the cookies) we ATE everything before we could snap a pic.

Thank you JED.

What JED wore today. GALAXY ZOOM Rookie.

What Heffe wore today. 

99' Bred 4's, Already starting to CRACK.

Our favorite LA. Times Financial Analyst J.Lew came through today to purchase a pair of  Ronnie FIEG Asics and discuss the current United States deficit as opposed to 4 years ago and how the Budget Control Act of 2011 and rapid policy changes, have yet to change our current situation.

He wants to give Obama another chance to execute what he promised 4 years ago.

Are you giving Obama another chance?

With all the HYPE around current Jordan brand, Nike Basketball and Nike Running.
These random retros have taken a back seat but ALL of us at RIF chose a few pairs that we personally love and or have in our collections

Random heat.

More Random heat.

Before all these Quick Strikes/ Hyper Strikes and Rare Colorways, All we had were shoes that we actually liked. Go Figure.

One of the best "New" Nike releases this year.

One of the most "Profitable" releases of this year.

The Homie Chaz reaping that 1st. generation RIF Shirts.

Good to see you bro.

Thank you to YOGI, over at ILLEST for dropping off the vitamin water! Make sure to stop by illest when you come to Lil Tokyo.


Connor looking real Frail. You need to eat up youngin, your working too hard.

Jason MARKK shoe cleaner. Only the BEST for our sneakers.

Production man ASHTON, in his Galaxies.  I feel bad for those that dropped more than 2K. Market value is about $800.00 don't pay a penny above that.

Nice shoe non the less.

Another nice shoe. OUR boy "Miles Coltrane" dropped these off for ED. Most of us pointed and laughed while Ed reminisced about his high-school days.

Cool shoe I guess. Thanks MILES!

You can deny the Zoom KD 4 was a HIT this year. Not only fully functional on the court but stylish for those that wear them casually.

GOLD Medals KD 4 at a Gold medal price.

Oh yea, Jeff and I will be opening a NEW SHOP SOON. Don't sleep.

#blessedlife #dreamscometrue

WE have been more than busy here at the shop and are trying to find a healthy medium to consistently inform our supporters on the daily happenings of RIF.

Follow us on twitter @RIF_LA and Instagram @riflosangeles for up to minute updates



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