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Oct 3, 2012

Jordan Head.

The holiday season is around the corner and the summer sun is transforming into early sunsets and cool breeze.  Jordan brand is ready to bastardize retros for the holiday while we're making sure our bank accounts are set for this HOLIDAY's frivolous spending.

Though first comes halloween which is always an excuse to thirst out and act a FOOL, Thanksgiving and Christmas is not far away.

It has always been our mission here at RIF to help the local community and those who are in need.  With our FIVE years of established business we have never planned this far ahead to help those in need  for the upcoming holidays, this year we changed.  With the blessing and support we have received this year from all of you, we have made it a priority this coming HOLIDAY season to HELP and LIVE by our motto...

"Good People, Helping Good People."

RIF has taken pride in being part of a local LA movement called the #CHANGEUPLA.

In this PROJECT we will be donating shoes as well as PROCEEDS earned by the shop and collected from ALL of you.

SO if you have any shoes at home that are no longer in any service to you, please come by the shop and Donate them to the sneaker less of LA.

ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to the UNION MISSION of Los Angeles.

thank you and GOD BLESS.

more information at www.the-changeup.org

Aside from our busy instore duties... Exec. Decisions, PR, marketing, shipping, customer service, janitorial services. 

We have been in a steady expansion process. Jeff and I have planned and carefully calculated what YOU our SUPPORTERs want.

And what YOU want, YOU GET.

We understand that along SIDE sneakers, CLOTHING and Fashion dance to the same tune.

SO for ALL of YOU.

WE will be opening a NEW CLOTHING SHOP.

Something that has NEVER been done in the UNITED STATES. Though the idea of a CLOTHING shop seems monotonous and lifeless with street wear shops opening on every corner.

RIF CLOTHING will be cause a STIR and a possible change in your style and the WAY you shop for your clothing. STAY TUNED

A completely different FEEL from our current shoe store, you won't be disappointed.

The merchandise will speak for itself.

The THIRST will be real. Word to Conner.

With our 12 hour days here at RIF (10am-10pm) its always nice to take a little breather in-between duties.

The homie "Southern GENT Gentry" taking a seat in a Knolls Barcelona next to HEFFE.

#authenticlikeoursneakers #yourchairsareFAKE

The homie CARL enjoying a Sugar Donut with Gentry.

"What kind of shirt is that CARL?" - Gentry

"RIF X Qualmes tee,  papa" -Carl

If you didn't know we released a Collaborative TEE with our BOY, Qualmes.

Sold OUT, don't sleep next time.

Qualmes X RIF.

"International Southern Dope Tunes."

Jordan BRAND has been RETROing of the RETROing more Jordans monthly. It even seems a NEW Jordan Colorway is releasing weekly.

If you haven't paid attention to our showcases, we do carry other Sneaker HEAT.

Take your PICK.

BUT if your a "JORDAN HEAD" smh... Then we have that TOO.

Take your pick.

Its difficult to leave the shop empty handed. With the PRICES and SELECTION, I'm sure you can't complain.

IF you don't like selection, then we have FULL size RUNS of the Air Jordans you LOVE so much.

We love these SOO much. 

AJ 4 DB.

And Conner LOVES her So much.

Thanks again @kreayshawn for stopping by, enjoy those Jeremy Scotts.

With the HOLIDAY around the corner, its a pressuring time for ALL, but keep in mind that giving is NOT limited to family, but most importantly those in NEED.

have a blessed week.



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