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Sep 10, 2013

Japan Trip Volume 1

If you're following us on Instagram then it's no surprise that we recently embarked on a trip to Japan.  The flight was a very tedious 13 hours which consisted of watching movies, napping, and eating.  We snapped this pic on our descent towards Tokyo.

Once we landed, we had to connect to a train to Shibuya.  Here's Ed and Jeff ordering a couple refreshments for the ride ahead.

Japan has a lot of rural areas compared to Los Angeles, this was the view from the train.  You can see the houses of the neighborhood brushed right up against the greenery.

I personally enjoyed the scenery of lush green pastures or farmland that was scattered everywhere.

Here's one of the multiple bridges we passed over.

Overall, the weather isn't much different from LA, there's just a bit more humidity.  Today seemed to be more on the gloomy side with a lot of clouds.

We even got to pass by and take a look at the Tokyo Tower.

As the sun began to set we had to make our way to our hotel..

The view from Cerulean Hotel is A1 to say the least, this is what it looks like from the 24th floor.

The view of the room looks even better itself.

WDYWT: Flyknit Trainers

One last picture until we post a blog up tomorrow, until then have a blessed day.



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