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Sep 6, 2013

Open Your World

On our previous blog post we recapped a couple of sneaker restoration services, and today we will be reviewing the Sole Restorer's work.  We recently had them do some work on 2 pairs of 2009 Space Jams.  The first pair was in near deadstock condition and the second pair was in a worn (very good) condition.  We can only support them so much, their WORK has to be the deciding factor for anyone interested in using them.  You be the judge.

Before: There was obvious yellowing around the pods on this pair.

After: The profile of this pair was icy.

After: There was virtually no yellowing at all on this pair, this was a job well done.

Before: The second pair was pretty yellowed to say the least.

Before: The overall profile of the shoe featured the yellowing.

After: The deep yellowing was no longer present.

After: The side profile of this pair was pretty cleaned up compared to the before picture.

This past summer it seems like Bentley Continental GT Coupes have been parked in front of the shop on a daily basis.  The funny part is, even though there have been so many SIMILAR luxury cars parked on 2nd street, the CUSTOMER base has been anything but similar.  We never know who's going to step out of these cars..

This time, it was our good friend Mr. Susu who pulled up and decided to cop some shoes. Below, you can see him with Cris and Manny.  It was nice to meet you sir, and until next time we hope you enjoy your shoes!

Shoutout to Ben Baller for his recent cover placement in Dub Magazine, congratulations on your 3rd cover for the magazine brotha!

Peep the 6th line on this paragraph, Ben made sure people knew that RIF LA was his go-to spot for all his gear.  Thank you for the continued support Ben.

Shoutout to Prstg Shop for stopping by and copping some kicks recently as well, it was a pleasure to meet you guys.

We were recently lucky enough to get a pair of these 1 of 50 Mark Mcnairy x Heineken Chukka hand-made shoes to display at the shop.
"Open Your World"

Talk about QUALITY.  

Heineken 100

The packaging was on point as well.

Here's one final shot.

Speaking of new releases, we recently showed you a sneakershot of these shoes on feet.  Here's a closer look at the AJ 3Lab5 coming out soon..

What are your thoughts on this newest Retro?

The all-over Elephant print on these are WILD.

Have a blessed weekend.



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