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Sep 27, 2013

Stay Tuned

The summer days are coming to a close, and the cool weather of fall is slowly but surely making its way back into the daily routine.  Although, from this picture you would not be able to tell since Little Tokyo is still looking sunny with clear blue skies.

Back on 2nd Street RIF LA has the block covered, be sure to stop by neighboring RIF DOS for all your clothing needs.

RIF DOS also features a unique selection of footwear as well, mostly carrying Vans syndicate and a variety of vans collaborations too.

Here's a closer look at some of the Supreme Vans.

This is the Vans "Syndicate" section of the shop

RIF DOS also carries a limited selection of Supreme skate decks, below you can see an Arabic logo deck, Bruce Lee deck, Leopard deck, and a stained Supreme deck set.

In case you have not been to RIF DOS recently, you've missed our Bearbrick collection slowly start to grow.  When we first opened we only had 4 of the 1000% Bearbricks on display, now we have double that amount.

The Fragment Design x Bearbrick set.

A few random Bearbrick pieces. 

We even have a few of the 400% Bearbricks which are always subject for a quick photo shoot, this one took place on our friend Shoe Wolf's iPhone.  In the wise words of Shoe Wolf, "It's not about the camera bro, all that matters is who's taking the picture."

The homie Jackie Jin decided to come by for his daily STUNT on everyone at the shop, this time he picked up some Oregon Air Jordan 4's.  

What are your thoughts of these AJ 4's?

Here is one last look at the heel tab..

This is what Jackie had on-feet today.

Another GEM that we saw come into the shop recently was this Patta Air Max 1.  You hardly ever see these come in, especially in Deadstock condition.

RIF Staff has been hard at work as usual, be sure to peep our New Arrivals section on the website to stay up on ALL of the newest shoes in the shop. We update hundreds of shoes a week, don't miss your chance at copping a pair that you've been on the hunt for.

Here's just SOME of the new arrivals..

RZA, Manny, Danny, and Jackie hanging out in the Trap House.

Meanwhile, Carl was organizing the Jordan 3 section.

If you're ever in need of a good lunch in Little Tokyo, be sure to stop by The Sandwich Smith on the corner of Central and 1st Street, it will not disappoint.  Below, you can see the Ace of Clubs.

In case you missed that Vans box in the new arrival picture, here you go: Christian Hosoi Sk8 Hi's, one of my personal favorites. Shoutout to Danny for picking this beauties up..

That's all for this week from RIF LA, stay tuned until after the weekend for the next update..

---334 A


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