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Sep 15, 2013

Japan Trip Volume 2

It has certainly been a very busy week during our Japan trip, we just arrived back in LA on Saturday.  The trip itself served as a means of business mixed with a bit of relaxation from everyday life.  As previously stated, we stayed at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel and we would definitely recommend it if you plan on visiting Tokyo.

Early on during the week, Ed and Jeff set out to roam the streets of Shibuya to do some sight-seeing as well as look for some local sneaker or clothing spots.

 The first thing you notice in Japan is the abundance of vending machines which are available on virtually EVERY corner in the city.  

My personal favorite, Fanta Grape.

The infrastructure of Tokyo is very different from that of Los Angeles or anywhere else in the U.S.  The streets are very narrow, and organization is a key aspect to all of the streets and surrounding sidewalks as well.  Every citizen works together in unity to keep the city running like a well-oiled machine.

Here's another look at a Shibuya street.

I had to snap a quick pic of this, a Mother riding a bicycle through the city with her young baby on her chest like it was no big deal.  

Shibuya is a very nice area, there are PLENTY of busy streets and multiple buildings all crammed together, so it was a relief to catch a bit of fresh air and enjoy mother nature from time to time.

After our stroll through Shibuya, Jeff was figuring out how to get to Harajuku to do some shopping.

We opted out of trying to use the map for public transportation, and got a cab instead.  Taxis make getting around a lot easier as well as cheaper, and it is surprisingly more affordable compared to cabs here in the United States.

After a bit of a detour, we managed to make it to the world famous Harajuku street.  To sum it up, this street is filled with countless shops for ALL types of goods ranging from candy to clothing.

Check out the wall lining one side of the street.

The super limited Surprise box logo hoodie, I wonder when Supreme released this?! LOL

Luckily, Harajuku was not too busy when we arrived, so it was definitely a lot easier and much more enjoyable to walk around and take our time to check out the shops.

RIF sticker sighting, I wonder how many there are around Tokyo now?

One of our favorite parts about shopping in Japan is the access to Japan-only releases.  Here is the one of the many BearBrick pieces we picked up.

We decided to stop by and chop it up with our good friends from Kicks Lab, be sure to support these good people overseas.

Shoutout to Hajime from Kicks Lab.  Also, HUGE shoutout to Rio and Kawa for showing us around Tokyo we appreciated everything! It was nice to see you all

After Kicks Lab, we had to check out Neighborhood right next door.

Supreme was also located on TOP of Neighborhood, so it doesn't get much better than that.

iSpy another RIF sticker sighting..

Arguably, some of the best places to shop in Tokyo are the 2nd hand shops scattered throughout the city.  We decided to check out RagTag to see if we could get any steals..

This was the sign from another 2nd hand shop, all of the biggest clothing brands you can think of are probably on this board. 

Finally, a personal favorite would be the F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer shop located in Harajuku.  This shop had the best layout as well as the best products to purchase.  S/O to the homie Dennison for taking care of us at BOTH F.I.L. shops in Harajuku, it was a pleasure to meet you brotha.

The Visvim products available here were limited to this ONE shop, there's no where else to pick up these pieces.

Here's a close-up of the naturally dyed Visvim Virgil boots in the Indigo colorway.  

Stay tuned until the final addition to the Japan blog series. Until then, have a blessed weekend.



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