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Feb 7, 2011


We've been having some bomb weather out in Los Angeles, California, well specifically Little Tokyo Town. Good day to break out some air max 1s and just chill.

the homies big chillen enjoying the sunny weather ..


Money Making Carl Winslow always stays grinding on the floor, literally...


Manny and Murad big doing nothing outside with 2nd Street WILLY...

#WDYWT WILLY? black laser ivs

#WDYWT MURADbieber? w)tap chukkas

Hands down the best Shrimp Tacos in the WORLD, yes I said it, the WORLD! Deep fried shrimp tacos, with fresh avocado on the side and the famous salsa. Its a must have, too bad everybody keeps this spot super low key.

first you break them open...

grab this cup of bomb @ss salsa...

pour the bomb @ss salsa on top...

grab a avocado and put some on top...then its time to grub!

Homie Tay came down to drop off some much needed donations for the homeless people of Los Angeles. Thanks a lot boss!

I might need those custom denims though ...

Ladies, ladies ladies...look who we have here.. You wouldn't think Carl "Winslow" himself would single right? Well guess what, hes hungry and VERY single. Carl is @ his prime almost hitting the age of 20, hes a member of the Taylor Gang, he enjoys long moments sitting down in front of his tv playing BLACK OPS and loves double dating with MuradBIEBER. So if your interested please come by the shop on Saturdays!


Hes always been the funny one in the group, ever since he was young:


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