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Feb 27, 2011


The RIF LA Crew would like to wish JuanEATS a Happy 16th Birthday and ofcourse many more to come. 2 more years we can hit the strip club! Since it was his birthday, we had the homie J Cole come down and surprise him.

Juan lookin a lil nervous!

Mannyankee also came down to surprise Juan with fatty cake ...awww so sweet...

Carls birthday was a few days ago, so we had Cole come down for him too, why so CRUNCHY though Carl?

Handful of shoeheads came down during ALL-STAR weekend to break everyone's necks. Always good to have you guys over!

circle of heaters:::

Even our good friends all the way from Mexico came down to make it a Throw It In the Bag Day.

a few sneaker shots of the day:::

sb pigeons...

sb sbtgs

svsms $OLD

Murad steal $180 from Heffe...

Shouts to Ryan for hooking the whole crew up with some bomb @ss Red Velvet Cupcakes from Auntie Ems.

6 for me and the rest for yall

Edouche and Eric chopping it up, sounds like Archrival might of found a new spot...details very soon!

LA. AVENUE. stickers!

1 of our many RIF pocket tees, you know we gotta keep it G.


We got too many good friends, shouts to Christian and Justin for blessing us with IN N OUT...double doubles for everyone!

yes it was a good day!


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