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Feb 19, 2011


What up folks, I know I’m a little tardy with this so here it goes. As I’m writing this the Grammys are on and if Kanye doesn’t get album of the year then something is definitely wrong and Kanye should definitely get up on stage for another one of his famous tantrums. Actually Arcade Fire got the Grammy which should have gone to Yezzy but I was happy that Muse got rock album of the year and now that I’m reading who was nominated for the most part Kanye wasn’t even in the running for best album which means that as usual The Grammys are out of touch with what most of us are listening to, but congrats to Muse, Eminem, Jay-Z, and The Black Keys who all had good music last year and got awards. You heard Em signed Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf. I can’t wait to see the Slaughterhouse/Eminem project which should be coming soon. To whet your appetite Royce, Crook, Ortiz, and Joey just released an EP that’s pretty sick. Other albums that my mouth is watering for is Watch The Throne which is the Jay-Z/Kanye project, of course Kendrick Lamar’s debut (can we get a Black Hippy album?), Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers, J-Cole’s debut, and of course Detox. Now on to the sneakers, as you know the All Star Game is this weekend and there are a gang of kicks coming out in honor of it including 3 Kobe 6s and several Hyperfuses. At the same time Nike is also dropping 4 Black History joints this month which are an Air Force 1, Air Jordan 3, Kobe 6, and a pair of Converse and if that wasn’t enough the Black Playoff Jordan 13s are also dropping this month. Man it seems like Nike wants all of our money this month and that’s not to mention the Bin 23 Jordan 5s that are also dropping. As far as the comics are going Marvel is building up to this summer’s mega-event Fear Itself and DC is pumping Flashpoint as well as War of The Green Lanterns. Hopefully DC will finally wrap up their Brightest Day storyline and Marvel stops with the Vampires. Anyway I’m out, see you next time.


3M Flawless Wallace


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