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Feb 1, 2011


The Rej3ctz been coming down to RIF LA for a minute now, even before they were doing their Cat Daddy. Back in the day, I was actually bailing the dudes out for their kicks and even did a few trades for some jays with em. Real down to earth dudes and they are hilarious!

oreo 6 x cool grey 11s?

laser aj 1s

MannYANKEE wanted to learn the Cat Daddy dance, but they didn't have time to teach him, so can someone come by and teach him?

Enjoy the Rej3ctz - Cat Daddy (video)

Check out Marcus, looks like he can be in that Cat Daddy video! but check out the trainers and air max 1s from Europe...good stuff Simon!

Also THANK YOU Simon for all chocolate goodies you brought back from Wales. That RIPPLE was legit though...

We all ended up grabbing some Teriyaki Beef bowls from AlohaCafe, super bomb with sirachi hot sauce:::

We've been paid in $150.00 worth of quarters where it took 4EVER to count, but 250 SACAGAWEAS!?! now thats nutts...

Mr.Foodw/SOLE himself & his lady, rockin that RIF Zapato Gang tee!

his sneaker shot:::


MannYANKEE showing off 1 of our sample 5 panels on this beautiful night in Los Angeles.

Now MannYANKEE's trying to show off everything, here you go ladies... Manny loves chill earthly colors, loves jordans with handtags on them, enjoys long walks around Little Tokyo, listens to good hip hop music, comes from a nice family and he drives! What else can you ask for?
Mr. Single & ready to mingle
( feel free to save this picture)


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