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Jan 30, 2011


Why do the COOL Sneaker Connoisseur's come down to visit the shop when I'm off and why do they always need to wear something I would drool over?! Mr. Retrokid came down to check out the shop and chop it up for a little, but sadly didn't stay too long, BUT dam check out those
Zoom Huarache Trainer x Sony Playstations that he had on his feet! Those have to be one of the best Sony Playstation collabos they ever did with Nike.

Next time Retrokid, let me know when you coming down! I need to shake you hand one day my friend.
felt like an air max day 2day @ the shop...
is it me or am I seeing doubles?! air u breathe

AM FAM minus JuanEATS ...Those air max 1 usas never last a day when they hit the shop!

its always either Vans or Air Maxs for Edwino...

Willies shoes were falling apart to the point where he had to mismatch shoes with his wife, so we had to lace both of them with some pairs of shoes that were donated by Nima.

Yes those are BLACK LASER 4s...

keeping it simple as always... stay tune :::

speaking of Sony Playstation, we have a pair of AM 90s in the store and they are WORN but in good condition.

MuradBIEBER thinks he's cool, especially with his special pocket tee ONLY for us.

ZeE big chillen with MannYANKEE. Tell me why Manny looks mighty fitted after working @ the shop for over a year now.


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