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Jan 6, 2011


TOO BAD these J-PACK Neon Samples will be worth crap VERY SOON. TOO BAD people run out of ideas.

We sold our 1st two pairs of Freddys for a pretty good price years ago, TOO BAD these don't go for what it used to be. Maybe Nike Sb will hire someone with fresh new ideas, lets hope!

R.I.P. Sample Sbs....

So anybody have information about the Yeezy 2s coming out? In the meantime, we got a couple 1st Yeezys instock.

WDYWT: W)taps Chukkas

The man who rather stay behind the scenes, KOJI! Its usually the person behind the scenes who make the moves.

If you work at RIF for a long period of time, you tend to put on a few extra pounds. How can we say no to people who bring us pies, muffins, cookies, empanadas, etc. We are truly grateful to have great friends who are thoughtful. Shouts to Mario, Carlos and Paula for the sweets.

Panaderia Cuscatleca
1566 W. PicoBlvd
Los Angeles Ca 90015

blueberry pie :)

Back in my middle school days, all I can remember about field trips was visiting a company that made boxes, a ship that took us to see dolphins and wales (but didn't get to see anything), and ofcourse the Getty Museum.

But these kids from Hoover Middle School had the chance to come out to Little Tokyo for their field trip and young man below was even able to purchase some shoes from the shop. These kids are rockin sbs that easily go for over $250+ each!, what happen to K Swiss and Chuck Taylors for middle school?

The teacher was like, why are you taking a picture of my kids?

Everyday its Chinese New Years for EDOUCHE, he just got a package from RIO San and I'm pretty jealous. 1. I don't have the new Iphone, 2. I need this Fragment Design cover ..lose, lose situation for me :/

Edwin just got shot down by Mannyfresh, we are unable to take any shoes that will CRACK! Its just not worth it these days, sorry Mr. Cortez...but nice 334A tee!

Anton came down after checking out the Agenda Tradeshow, he made sure to drop by the shop and chop it up before he headed back to Vegas. Watch out for his shoe cleaner "REFRESHED" at your nearest sneaker spot. We also met his boy Antoine who helps run SUITE160 in Vegas. We might see ya'll during MAGIC!

One of our good peoples, Kasem aka MENS LAND Jr., rolled through to pick up a FATTY check and drop off a few more goodies for your feet. He's probably one of the youngest collectors I know that might be able to KILL your favorite collectors collection.

#GPHGP: Whittier & Long Beach represenatives

#GPHGP: Mr. Greenburg



40 + pairs about to be UPDATED.

Can you believe about a year ago, Paula and Brandon came into the shop and months later Paula started interning for us, crazy how life works huh?

Check out this VID of SchoolboyQ finalizing #SETBACKS 01.11.11


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