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Jan 25, 2011


The whole RIF crew went to Illest boutique invite-only party.

Welcome to Little Tokyo...

Meet Yogi - the manager of Illest boutique.

RIF-LA x Archrival.

Oh Murad and Manny... Haha.

Invite only? I think not. Haha. Super crowded.

Finally got inside the store... It's even more crowded inside.

Got through the crowd.

Yeah, free drinks, but not alcoholic. Haha.

"Illest" logo.

Chubby Boob.

Their display case.
Lanyards, lighters, vinyl toys, stickers, skateboard, badges, and I don't know what else they have for display or for sale...

Music provider.

Went out real quick to get some air... Then, came back inside and I couldn't even get through.
Almost everybody had their cameras out and I was wondering what the buzz was about.

I don't know who exactly this guy is, but it's either Deltron 3030 or Fashawn.
He was the opening act or the "hype" man.

The main event. Still no clue whether it's Deltron 3030 or Fashawn. Hahah.

*NOTE* The guy with the afro is not Carl. Haha.

Partial of his performance...

DelTron 3030 from ILNOJ on Vimeo.

And it's still crowded outside.

Bowls LA was present with their ruckus scooters.
You see the Kobe Bryant and Laker colorway ruckus scooter?

I just wish the event had free food...
Dogzilla food truck. They were at the right place and at the right time.

Their menu.

What eDouche and Jeff got...
-Furikake dog.
-Dogzilla dog.
-Garlic fries.

Manny got some Dogzilla dogs as well and he approves it. Haha.


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