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Jan 28, 2011


The sneaker community is as diverse as the shoes we collect/wear and all together hoard. Same goes to the staff here at RIF. RIF LA takes pride in our diverse staff and though we may not agree on what we want to eat for lunch we all can certainly agree that we are here to serve your sneaker needs. We're no "cool guys" here at RIF... cause we really aren't that cool... Enjoy

Heres Manny ...the longest working gentleman here next to Jeff and Ed...his favorite picture of himself ( he says) wearing his favorite DOMO shirt... even has the matching facial expression.

Here's JuanEATS repping his Highschool I.D He still looks the same even though he's 19 now. And if you didn't know is Manny's long time friend and Pop warner assistant football coach. "go spartans!"

Heres Super Photoshopper Paula. If you order sneakers from our webshop then you should know that Paula played a hand in photohopping the picture you look at.

RIF's YOUTube sensation MURAD on his last trip to EUROPE, repping the UN-Released RIF LOGO TEE.. Nevermind the ackward stance thats just how he normally stands... And yea, his arms are long.

Here's money making CARL Winslow. Soo smooth and fast talking that he'll sell you your own consignment shoe.

Jon REE, the RIF Blogger you can catch him at ALL the Special Nike Releases and shop events thats only if they serve free food.



IF you ever make by our shop, please feel free to look around, relax, ask any questions you may have and introduce yourself. We'll do our best to make your shoe hunting experience the best we can...if not we can just chop it up and talk about how Jordan Brand is running out of ideas a ruining classics...

Bonus pic of LA. AVE staff.


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