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Jan 24, 2011


We made KOJI SAN go through the initiation process in order to fully join the RIF team, so we had him stand outside with a huge sign trying to attract people. He was even doing some crazy dance moves while flipping the sign in the air!

TOO BAD the only person KOJI attracted to the store was this dog.

MuradBIEBER and JuanEATS blessing GANGSTAkev with a handful of donated sneakers, he said it felt like Christmas all over again!

The homie big Luis from Carson @ your service.

Guess how many pairs of paris's it would take to afford this watch below...maybe 10?

Try something different! Green Tea Kit Kat, but try the WASABI Kit Kats if you ever see them pop up...

This couple stays rockin HEAT together and they always find time to bless us with something! You guys are truly appreciated.


Beard Papa, don't mind if I do :)



Taka Hayashi Akats

OriginalFAKE TAT... dope

2011, year of more GOOD PEOPLES!

Paula dropped the whole staff off some personal cupcakes! We love it when she brings us sweets or makes us some baked goodies :) Juan loves it!

Imagine eating this whole box to yourself....

JuanEATS said thinking about eating the whole box makes his stomach curl...

Why does Edouche always get free shoes when I'm off? Im a size 10.5- 11 btw :)

S A L A M A T Zee!

about to start a revolution :::

too sick, never seen before:::

black toes $OLD ORCA's $OLD

gOOD pEOPLEs of Dramamine Clothing blessed the whole 334A Crew with a bunch of shirts and crewnecks....2 dope! thanks yall. Visit their website when you have the chance: HERE.


edouche's personal favorite::

my personal favorite::

Thanks fellas!

MannYANKEE enjoying the new Dub magazine in 3D! yes 3D!, I personally hate anything 3D! but MannYANKEE doesn't!



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