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Jan 3, 2011


As we promised our new colorways of our 4 YEAR #GPHGP tees has just arrived so make sure to come by the shop and show your support! Limited quantities ofcourse...

HEFFE's favorite colorway hands down, NAVY/light GREY

heather grey/burgundy


You already know who this is...lets just say hes the REAL DEAL! and his lastname is JONES!

couple football players from TCU came by the shop to copp some CG 11s before the Rose Bowl game, I didn't believe em when they said they were going to win ... congrats yall!

Shoewolf stays supporting the shop and he never leaves empty handed, make sure to hit up his website after you hit ours up first ;).

Jonree x Paula

Shouts to OG SID for always blessing us with BOTTLES! We all feeling like Captain Morgan in front of the shop celebrating the New Year.

MANNYfresh, Juaneats big cheesing..

poppin bottles in the ice like a blizzard - Juaneats

"the jeff" = venti iced coffee sweetened, w/3 scoops of vanilla bean, 3 pumps of classic, shaken! w/breve milk (only @ Little Tokyo Starbucks):


homie from the 9 0 9 representin
Be a good person this year and make 1 of your New Years resolution is to stop stuffing your shoes with your DIRTY @SS socks... #NOTCOOLMAN (making my hands smell like feet).


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