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Jan 16, 2011


Marcus Rader aka CORNBREAD flew down this weekend from Seattle for a interview he had just down the street. He literally had to leave the next day and guess what! He got the job so you'll be seeing him more often in Little Tokyo.

Skidrow Tour Guide ANDRE was a little too happy when he saw Marcus.
What Did You Wear Today Marcus? Some MONSTER 95s.

Aloha Cafe is located on 2nd St/Central in Honda Plaza, hands down the best Hawaiian food I've ever tried.

house fried rice:::

Slow down BRUNO, you have the whole day brotha..

Fran and rizzleREY did a quick Nike Sb Sample review in the shop, DEF good peoples. Make sure to subscribe to Frans Youtube Channel when you get the chance.

$hoeWolf was also in the building, recording behind the scenes?

Gets hectic @ the shop when its a FULL HOUSE, especially when our shop isn't too big.

Not 1 set of Damien Hirst decks, not 2 sets, but 3 sets of Damien Hirst decks on DECK.

Victor (UnionLosAngeles) and ZeE (TanTum) big chillen chopping it up, we all go way back!

What Did You Wear Today Victor? Oh just some Visvim Boots that cost $1,250.00+

What Did You Wear Today BrunoMURAD? Oh just some Tokyo Sbs that go for $1,000+

WDYWT Edgar? Some Bloody Sunday Hi Sbs

SchoolBoyQ came down to pick up some goodies before he flew down to MSU for that Wale show they were performing at. Grab that #SETBACKS on iTunes if you haven't yet.

People have been dumping loads of dope kicks @ the shop, so don't sleep and check out our website EVERYDAY so you don't miss out, Click HERE. BOMB DEALS only last a minute on the website.


ranDUMB jordans:::

forces, sbs, dunks, runners, etc:::

The Delta Force Supreme never really caught anyones attention when they drop, but hands down these have to be the best color way that came out and $75.00 for a DS pair is not too shabby.

Some things are better in 2:: 2 PURRS of Unkles came in...priced UNDER everyone of course.

Some things are better in 2:: 2 PURRS of J-RODS came in..priced UNDER everyone of course.


#GoodPeopleHELPINGGoodPeople x #SneakerGods
Efren always supporting #GPHGP


Just want to clear the rumors going around the web, Tom Cruise is not wearing the 2011 Concord 11s, he is wearing a pair of DMP 11s that he purchased from the shop..maybe you'll catch him wearing the aston martin pack, bred 11s, kaws currents, etc...if you do, be sure to email us the picture. Shouts to Julia over @ Toms office!


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