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Jan 18, 2011


Everyday has been a beautiful day out here in Los Angeles, no rain, no snow, not too hot and with a cool little breeze. Just the perfect weather to rock some fresh kicks out, so stop being lazy and take your favorite person out!

We have tons of sneaker couples that come in and out of the shop everyday, remember those days when you used to match with your boyfriend or girlfriend ...the good ol days. I'm starting to see more couple come out and match their kicks...DOPE!

We got Mr. and Mrs. Mendez

His & Her AJ 3s
Tey & Anna from Los Angeles

His blazer sparks and Her gucci sbs

Our biggest supporters

His & Her AQUA 8s

MannyYANKEE forgot to take their sneaker shot :(

After a day of contemplating, I just had to pull the trigger on these Visvim 73 Boots,
probably the most $ i've spent on a pair of shoes in a longtime.
These will last me a life time :)

nice job!

BRUNOmurad always showing off, don't know about those Canadian socks though...

white/varsity red 6s

Yes, Jonli is here more than anyone that works @ the store...his wooden janoskis...eEeeEeek!

Since we have the consignment clothing website going up soon, we'll start doing FIT of the Days by Edouche.

FIT of the DAY - Edouche

white/red highs

BRUNOmurad watching the kids

Working in DTLA, you get a gang of people tryna hustle you and sell you something, so I got hustled and copped these photographs below:


We just re-upped on RIF Bic lighters, so buy a couple carton of ciggs or roll something up and pick 1 up @ the shop.

Thou Shall not do GRAFFITI on your boxes, it lowers the value of the shoes, its almost like not having the box.

Southern California . Los Angeles . Por Vida


nice urawas my friend:

Big Ant and Little Ant always taking care of me, so ofcourse we had to do the same.

I posted I haven't been to a barbershop in YEARS, saved about almost $3,000.00,
$13 a cut, + a tip, then you gotta waste your time waiting, and gas.

Homie Ant the Barber always comes down and takes care of me after biz hrs.

Thanks dog!

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