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Jan 26, 2011


Remember when sneakers were designed with simple silhouettes and subtle colors? And the popularity of the shoe wasn't based on outlandish color schemes but delicate nuances of basic colors.
Though the transition/progression of NIKE brand has certainly moved forward to sneakers like the KOBE 6 and Lebron 8.26754 it is always a RIF silent pleasure when a classic and understated colored sneaker comes through the door.
Amongst the loud and obnoxious colors of such sneakers... classics, such as the one pictured below will ALWAYS prompt proper respect in our "sneaker head" eyes.

Can you sneaker heads name this shoe?

Box completely in tact. I doubt the Air Jordan 3 2010 retro wht/cement box will last 20 years.

ADIDAS INFINITY. I'm sure there are less than 100 in the world that are completely dead stock with an Original box in this condition, we could be wrong...maybe 200

If the best that ADIDAS can come up with are Jeremy Scott "wings" sneaker I'd rather have the OG BOX(only) than 100 pairs of those HORRID "wings" shoes.

We didn't want to discriminate against those sneaker heads that like the "wings" model.

Speaking of Classic sneakers here's Manny giving "2Nd Street Willie" a few vintage sneakers donated by you loyal followers.

Manny was getting a little scared because Willie prevented Manny from leaving this little crevice. Manny don't worry Good People Always Help good people.

Speaking of which...

What we wore Today.

Jorge in Kobe 5's

Manny in DOC Marten Classic Boots. Which is never allowed to wear to work again, never.

Juan always in classic AJ1 BLACK and Royals

JON Ree in Sk8 Mid's

REMEMBER RIF will be closed 1/27/11 for our quarterly inventory update. Thank

you again for your patience and see you on FRIDAY!

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ARMANI said...

Those Jeremy scott wing series shoes are ugly as hell!

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