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Jan 21, 2011


Dom Kennedy strolled through to pick up his white/cement 3s a little early and even dropped off a few goodies for the RIF staff. If you haven't heard any of his music yet, then you better catch up because you are VERY BEHIND, so head to his website and download his last Mixtape: From The Westside With Love.

RIF LA, call me when my shoes sell! - Dom Kennedy (he should put that in a verse :)


Gotta rep that West$ide!

Bunch of RIF supporters always coming by the shop GOOD PEOPLES...

Steve from Archrival blessed me with their 4 YEAR Anniv tee.... yeee FISH MART! thank you brotha.

RIF's Very Own Edouche brought down some extra RIF tees he saw lying around in the office, just a couple so act fast!

Homie Mingo aka 3 PURRS and ItLOCKZ swung down to cop some necessary sneakers.

2nd Street WILLIE rockin that yellow bLaCk MaMbA tee to the ground:::

South Gates 2nd biggest resellers just dropped off some 2011 white/cement tres's for $225 a pop, price to go!

Last but not least, we just got a size 9 BLACK TOE AJ 1 (OG) in pretty GREAT condition, $550? you can't go wrong with that...if it was a size 10-11 it would of been ROBOCOPPED! Don't sleep my fellow size 9 jordan collectors, I would quit on 1s after i get these.


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