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Jan 22, 2011


RIO from La Avenue, flew in from Tokyo to take care of some necessary business and didn't take a break after he landed. Its all business and no pleasure this time around, just buying A LOT of shoes, eating some good food and attending some big meetings is on the planner.

I always tell RIO all I need is the Limited Kit Kat flavors that they only offer in Japan, but sometimes they do pop up at your favorite Japanese markets, Nijiya, Mitsuwa, Marukai, etc...

This time around, he got me Apple flavor and Honeydew Melon :)

We held a pretty big meeting @ Hazuki Restaurant, which is located across the street in the Japanese Village Plaza 2nd Floor. The owner is actually their only chef and he opened this restaurant only because he won the Lottery years ago (LUCKY @SS). Tell me why they take like 30 mins to make each plate though and they only have 1 waitress!

You know its an authentic Japanese restaurant when the menu is all in Kanji. Shoot let us just get everything on the menu! No california rolls or crunch rolls here... only FRESH sushi.

R I O san

raw squid from Japan :

clam soup:

lightly seared tuna: too bomb

best eel i've ever tried my whole life !

some kind of tofu w/a lot of favor:

grilled chicken:

some kind of soba:

Eds feelin the soba, yumm.

you'll never walk alone...

Ofcourse we had to make a quick stop in @ Pinkberry. RIO can't believe hes about to eat some Pinkberry lol.

#WDYWT: missoni converse x fragment converse

I think I need another pair of these motions...sz 10.5 please

and the buying never stops, gotta pack hundreds of boxes just for Japan. Hopefully Watabe and the whole crew are ready for some work. Time to push some weight!

RIO switched his shirt out for a #GPHGP 4 YEAR tee and even packed a huge batch
for the La Avenue crew and some to put on the floor.

RIF LA & La Avenue @ your service, from Tokyo to Los Angeles!

We'll fill you in Very soon about what we discussed at the meeting, lets just say some very big changes are happening and its GOOD THING!


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