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Jan 8, 2011


Its always good when you have fellow sneaker fiends bumping into each other at the shop and ILLnoj is always in the middle of it. Below we got the homies daFAKEBdotCRACK, esco77, nellbx and ILLNOJ.

"Lick my SOLE" - illNOJ.
Maybe 2011 is the year for people to get on their Visvim game, but its definitely not for everyone. Even Drake was caught rockin some Visvim FBTs that he purchased @ UnionLA. If you ever want to get your grown man on, please head to Union Los Angeles ..they will take care of you!

couple more sneaky shots of the day:::

2006 fire red Vs


south beach 8s

"Double Taps"

supreme blazers::

Guess who's birthdays coming up next week.....

LIFE TAKERS/HEART BREAKERS Jacket, $OLD a longtime ago..kinda wish I had a navy colorway. We got our own coaches jacket in the works and its gonna be topnotch quality, we'll keep you posted.

Dynamic Duo: MannyFRESH & JuanEATS

Handful of Kobes just came in...

Jonli showing Carl his collezione of UPSKIRTS for 2010, he said he plans on doubling the pictures for 2011!

OG SID always bringing by heat to the shop and he also gives us some of the best advice in life, good peoples!

Teyana Taylor finally visited the shop to check out what jays we had on deck, and shes actually a REAL jordan fiend. Don't be surprise if you see her signed to G.O.O.D. Music, especially after she got on that Christmas in Harlem track w/kanye and friends.

We promised her we would email her once we get more jordans in a size 5.5, so bring in your size 5.5 jays asaps!

cool grey ixs : #COPPED






Jesus said...

Great blog as always

Dontchu mean South Beach lebron 8s? not 6s?

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