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Jan 9, 2011


Carl and I went to HUF LA's New Balance collaboration party release not only to check out the shoes, but also to try the Grill 'em Burgers because it's free!
(By the way, it took 30 minutes just to find free parking around Fairfax! Didn't wanna pay $5 +tip for Valet Parking.)

Inside Huf was packed and as soon as I walked in, I spotted this snowboarding shoes.

HUF x New Balance 205.
They are very light and the colorway seems alright. That navy-blue gives a good contrast with (seems like) watermelon colorway (back heel tab).
Not quite familiar with New Balance's, but never seen these 205.

The tongue which I don't know if those 3 stars are part of Huf's design or 205.


The bottom sole.

Ah! Grill 'em All food truck.
If you don't know them, they won Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race.

Carl and I wanted to get some burgers, but for some odd reason, they ran out of tickets for the food?! Over 100 guests? Yeah riiight!


After drooling over some burgers, we just decided to hit up Hall Of Fame for 10 Deep x Pro Keds "Veteran Pack" party.
But then, they only had booze...

Camo colorway.

Dark raw denim.

Bottom sole.

Tongue tag.

Eventually we went to Carl's Jr. which is Carl's own fast-food restaurant. Haha.

"Michael Jordan B*tch"


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