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Feb 2, 2011


Recently I've been rockin my OriginalFake Current 90s in the store and they have to be one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned....and they look FRESH! The homie DRE came down and happen to be rockin his pair, great minds think alike?

heres a closer look:::

Andre speaking to Andre

CarlosDe.LA.Barber stays supporting RIF, put that lighter to use my friend!

zen yeezys!?

Speaking of Carlos, our other friend Carlos brought us some red velvet cupcakes and a pecan pie...

JuanEATS enjoying his 6inch while eyeing the cupcakes...

BTW shouts to Jovan from PhreshCru for always coppin his kicks from us and always lacing us up with some new PhreshCru gear :)

Carlos not only hooked us up with cupcakes but his cousin JUAN, no not JuanEATS..another Juan hooked us up with a bottle Patron for the shop. Nobody knows but every night when we get the blinds up, Manny goes to the Ipod and plays Pussy&Patron by Kendrick Lamar and its always PATRON TIME after hours!

couple small jordans given to me by Carlos, thanks bruh!

Ladies, ladies, ladies...look who we have here, none other than JuanEATS himself and YES he is very single and yes he is absolutely ready to mingle. He stands @ 5'11, loves Yogurt from Pinkberry, enjoys late night dinners @ Dennys, loves kids(actually wants a couple soon) and hes a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, even when he knows they'll never be in the playoffs anytime soon.

So if you interested feel free to come by the shop, he works Tues, Thurs, Friday, SaT and if you have a friend for his friend Manny, then bring her by too!

is that 2001 TRES'S?!


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