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Oct 19, 2008


As you all know, the Saturday that just passed was the release of the "Originalfake" Nike Air Max Series which contained a pair of the Air Max 90s and a pair of the Air Max 90 Currents. The first people were in line starting Tuesday evening, then Wednesday a few more people came, but Thursday evening was when most of the people came. There's random pictures, pictures of the line, candid pictures, pictures of crazy people we encountered while camping in Hollywood, etc.

ENJOY, feel free to save some pictures if you see yourself.

Sneaker shots.

Lena (Nikerep) rocking the kicks already.

Why you mad?

The head honcho with the list.

The nice guy in the hawaiian shirt whos been taking care of this whole thing.  He was nice enough to give us chocolate and water. haha
"You better stay here with me till Saturday!"
Campers were going crazy in line.

Jake slept 22 hours of each day.
Two old men with two big stick popsicles.

This guy was forever talking to me.  He kinda looks like MJ but with a swastika tattoo. (why?, dont ask me)

Mike aka Shark boy

Sahrab and his entourage arrive.

These kids told this guy that we were camping out for a Miley Cyrus concert, he sat down because he was so confused.
FAKE jays all day in Hollywood

Can you find your name?

I said eat half of my Roscoes meal, he pretty much inhaled it.
Fran and Kaye
Douches in the black SUV calling everyone in line F@GGETS, there was a lot of people like that.

Sup Jake!

Everyones starting to sleep...

I went walking around at about 5:00 am Saturday and look who I see in his Mercedes.  

The Sun is coming out!

Everyones still in their car sleeping.
He was in the position for literally 12 hours

Max was using the chair bags to cover his legs

Jasons back! Looking like he had a great sleep in bed haha.

I PUT ON FOR MY CITY -eeeeeeuhhhh!

why hello.
he eventually woke up finding out he had toothpicks and cigarette buds all over him.

We had this little spot to eat, pretty bomb if you ask me.

"Don't be a dickhead like Mr. McCain"

Passing out wristbands!! what everyones been waiting for.

"Im so happy I cant feel my face"

Parking lady was trippen!

Some asia exclusives

Entourage, the Valley version

Everyone starts crowding inside the entrance area.

HOH employee is happy and now hes off to work

Im finally inside to get my pair, snapped a quick picture and headed out.

till next time ya'll.

btw EBAY is about to be FLOODED.

search: nike air max kaws


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