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Oct 14, 2008

well how do you do?

You all know the gentlemen that work here at RIF holding it down. On a day to day basis you read about Jeff, Ed, Jb, Intern Jake, but many of you may not know its not always a sword fight here everyday. We actually have a lady staff member.

Mink has been with RIF since its early stages and is the 3rd longest standing staff member, third only to Jeff and Ed who have been here since day one.

Many of you may not see Mink in action thats cause her daily grind is at HELLZ BELLZ where her daily duties include partying,drinking, and doing illicit drugs.

We now introduce to you MINK E. Fresh.

Ready to knock your BITCH ASS OUT

Mink Stays Fresh, denim color nail polish


Last but not least, Minks significant other...Ol' Boy staying fresh with Coach Uptowns.


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