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Oct 21, 2008


I'm finally in Japan after being on a 10 hour flight and a 1 hour train ride to Kichijoji.  Heres some pictures I snapped while going through this whole process.
Right after I got pass through "Customs"(which took forever), I met up with Watabe where he showed me the way to the train.

The minute we got out of the train, we headed to La Avenue.

Yes, its "Sneaker Heaven" in a little room!

I just had to take a picture of my first purchased using YEN!

Behind the scenes..

La Avenue STAFF is always working.

After they closed up the shop, me and the LA Avenue staff headed to some bomb spot for dinner.

Meet Atsushi and Riopay
Heres Watabe on the left
O yeah and heres SHAQ! aka ONOLA

By the way, you can smoke inside any restaurants in Japan, tell me why all four of them smoke!

Just had to do it.

Someone tell Atsushi that his bike is too huge.

Im so happy I have internet in my hotel room! I'll be posting another update tomorrow.  Wells its 7:57 am there right now and its 11:57 am here, I didnt get any sleep on the plane so I will knock out now.

Tomorrow I'll be hitting up a lot more spots, I just got into Japan a little too late.

Everyone take cares,



Anonymous said...

ew babe u had type to post all this and no time to respond to my emails!! hehe lame.. have fun jeffrey james.. love you..


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