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Oct 9, 2008

Another day in LA.

Jake rolled through today after class at FIDM. As all of you already know hes a WHIZ at fixing anything associated with track bikes. He repaired JB's lock ring, pumped up Ed's tire with his own mouth, and readjusted Jeff's chain...all while inebriated and blown.

At first we didnt notice Jake, but after closer inspection...it was the one and only DOWNTOWN INTERN JAKE.


Another surprise, our boy Jimmy rolled through. He just picked up a vintage 80's VIVALO frame DEADSTOCK with box. Finding a frame like this is like finding a pair of DS OG AJ'1, even harder.

Peep the ORIGINAL written MEASUREMENTS from the KUSAKA.

ALL in all it was a VERY busy and serious day. WORD to RALPH(the thinking man)


anthony lo said...

my boy jake!!! doin big things!
wamp wamp what it do?

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