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Oct 22, 2008


Today I woke up around 11:00 AM to get ready for my 1st real whole day in Japan.  I got to La Avenue around 11:30 am and I met the President of La Avenue, which is Kai's Mom and also met Ken, Kai's son.  

Then me, Watabe and Ken went around Kichijoji, finally stopping @ PX Megastore


Maybe the closes picture you'll ever see of me.

We ate at a buffet that was located inside my hotel, izakaiya style!


Theres packs of little girls just roaming the streets of Tokyo, TOO young dayo!

Another train? On the way to Harajuku..

Takeshita St, famous street in Harajuku, reminds me of the old Melrose in Los Angeles.

I thought that was SHAQ!

Harajuku girl?

Visited Kicks Lab, where i ran into..
HAJIME ! Finally, somebody I knew from Los Angeles.

Up the street was Supreme, NBHD, Fools Judge, but they dont allow you to take pictures. BOO

Since I was in Harajuku, I thought I would visit Flight Club, looks like its no where to be found on the list.

Visited Karl Kanis store.

TAXI is good, TRAIN no good.

We eventually walked into SHIBUYA, toooooooooooo many people!!!! 

Headed back to La Avenue.
Meet Shirai
Watabes small office.
Shirais office.
Meet Amy, speaks english perfectly!  Originally lived in Irvine, Ca

This might be the BEST invention made known to man.  U.S. needs to step of their technology and learn from the Japanese people.  This machine is right in front of a Ramen spot, where you insert money in it like a vending machine and it shoots out little tickets.  Each ticket represents  what you want in your Ramen, so one of my ticket is for Ramen "SHIO" flavor, 2nd ticket is an order of Chashu 3x!, and lastly I ordered one egg.
You then sit down and put the tickets on the counter where the cook takes it, reads it, and bam!
You got yourself the BEST Ramen I ever had!  Ramen in U.S. had no flavor!
While walking back to La Avenue, Atsushi notice some people playing with some instruments that consist of 2 balls and one string.
This is how you get the ladies in Japan!

Amy is going home!
Japanese COMMON is peacing out!

Tomorrow I will be going to Ogikubo, Ueno, and Shibuya.  I'll try to take more pictures of shops, but its kind of hard when the workers are hawking at you the whole time.  I will also take pictures of some pick ups!  GOODNITE!



PS: You can click on any pictures and it will ENLARGE!


MVargas said...

Digging the blog. I have some family in Japan and have visited many times. Last time being 2005. Shopped for kicks in Shibuya, Harajuku, and Ueno areas. Never been to L.A. Avenue. I miss Japan and plan on going next year to take my wife for the 1st time. Keep the pics coming.

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