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Oct 6, 2008


I was off from FRI-MON, longest I've ever been off. Monday I had to be off because its my pops death anniversary, REST IN PEACE and i love you!

So since I'm not rich, I don't live with my moms and I have bills stacked up higher than my dreams, I couldn't afford to have a nice dinner... so my little brother cooked some spam, you can never go wrong with SPAM. He also made rice and handed me some sea weed, so I made a spamasubi that almost looks like a burrito!

After finishing my budget feast, I put on my favorite television show, "CHEATERS". This show is probably the biggest BURN ever, for any DOUCHE that gets caught, especially if its on TV.

So here the victim (dumbass)

Joey Greco now shows the dumbass some footage of her husband chillen @ home while his "jumpoff" comes over.

Seems like she can't stand the footage!

Joey Greco then tells her that they have the two spotted outside of a bar, where they will suprise and attack them!
Dumbass confronts the other dumbass, tell me why the other chick is pretty cute.

She cant believe hes married. LOL !

This dudes a little b!tch, running away from the cute girl.

She said to him its over, but 90% of the time the girl will come crying back, JK!

This chick even found time to complain about his little PEE PEE

So if you ASSUME your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating, then they probably are!  Also if you want to be on Cheaters, let me know!

I'll save this JUICY one for next time!


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