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Sep 9, 2011


On Thursday - September 8, 2011, Nike put together an event to unveil the Nike Air Mag aka Marty McFly.
The event was held at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood.

Shout out to the LA sneakerfam. You know who you are.
It was nice meeting Oscar - Modern Notoriety and Taylor - Shoepreme.

The Delorean car from Back To The Future.

A couple of sneaker shots...

Sole Collector x Penny 2's.

Back side of the Sole Collector x Penny 2's

Nike Air Max 1 - "Parra x Patta" and Air Jordan XX3 - "Titanium's"

Nike Dunk SB High - "F.L.O.M."
If you don't know who was wearing this then you don't know. Haha.

2000 Air Jordan XI - "Concords"

Steve Mullholand of Sole Collector and one of the administrator of the forum - Marc

Fred was so excited to get in because he's going to sneak-in without an invite!
(Well yeah, later on he did get in without an invite. Haha.)

Peeked through the fence and saw this, but they didn't even use that...

This was the line for the "regular invited people".

The line was probably more than 100.

Yeah, I hate seeing that "IT'S ABOUT TIME"...

At first, I was like why is it dark in the reception hall and all I see is just a wall of lights...
Then, I looked closer and I see what Nike did there. Haha.

Inside the Montalban theater, the actual stuff/props from the Back To The Future movie were on the display.
Marty's Hoverboard.

Griff's Hoverboard.

Grays Sports Almanac that caused changes in history (well in the movie).

OG Nike Air Mag's.

Upstairs was pretty crowded because that's where the bar is at. Haha.
They had a set-up from the movie.
Cafe 80's!


Went inside and although it was dark, it was a full house (well building). Haha.

Gerrick aka (Shoe Affliction)!

Joe, Fred, and Joe's cousin.

Right after Araabmuzik performed...
He was pretty good! I have it on video and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of videos that's better than the ones I took. Haha.
That's Joel McHale as the host of the event. He's quite funny and that "Air Hummus" joke. Haha!

(More videos shown)
The unveiling.
There was a Christopher Lloyd and Tinker Hatfield interview.

Auctioning off the ceramic replica of the Air Mag's that was signed by Tinker Hatfield.
It went up to $3700.

Michael J. Fox talking about the Parkinson's disease and the Air Mag's.

Fred was so happy to see Tinker!

So he got a picture with him.

Even the Nike staff was honored to see Tinker along with the audience.

Trying to start the auction for the 1 of 1 Air Mag's with the plutonium case.

This was on the screen while being auctioned off live.

The guy in the white shirt with his one leg up was suppose to be the winner of the Air Mag's, but he was outbid by somebody and that somebody got outbid by Tinie Tempah. Haha.

After the event, they turned on the lights in the reception hall for everybody to see the wall of Air Mags!!


Drew wanted a picture of the Air Mags as the background.

It was hard to take a picture of the Air Mag's because it was like shining so much! Haha.
This is what Tinie Tempah won for $37,500.
It comes with a 1 of 1 the plutonium case.

A close look without the reflecting lights. (Had to use the flash for this picture. Haha)

This is what Tinker Hatfield was wearing.
Possibly a sample Jordan XIV?

Christopher Lloyd aka "Doc" or Doctor Emmett Brown , Tinker Hatfield, Mark Parker (Ceo of Nike), and Bob Gale.

The best Nike event I've ever been to!


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