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Sep 2, 2011


This is the first time in RIF history that someone has ever came in with a shopping cart full of kicks. They even let us have the cart just incase we ever need to transport some shoes, or maybe I'll start selling some edibles out of it. They had a homie that looked exactly like eazy e, like EXACT! Shouts to these dudes below for knowing where to drop off their kicks. BTW we got a lot of NEW ARRIVALS for today, so Click HERE!!!

Longtime homie, Victor from Union Los Angeles came by to chop it up and see whats going down at the shop. Union Los Angeles is a one stop shop for all your higher end fashion needs, good people and good product.

SUPREME FIEND JONLI chopping it up with DRE SIZZLE aka Croatianstyle. All the good peoples come to the shop.

Even Jay Rock was in the building, make sure to hit up his album release party show at the Key Club on September 4th. Get your tix HERE.

You know we can't forget the SNEAKS SHOTS of the day, three pairs of jordans that are a must in your collection.

original power blue x's

*bred* (short for black/red if your a newbie) xis

So is that LANEY V/GRAPE V Package still a rumor or what? Someone please tell me because nobody has good reliable information these days. #SMH...

grapes: #CRACK

Did anybody pick up Carls baby picture from Supreme? Just wondering because I need one!


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