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Sep 28, 2011


The good peoples over @ Universal always send us a bunch of free cds, some we end up throwing straight in the trash and a few we actually play. Sometimes you feel bad and you want to give someone a chance, but doesn't suck when you realized you wasted your time opening up a cd and putting it in a cd player (who has cd players these days?).

No idea who this artist is below but Manny took it home anyways because he loves doing it in the am. Bet ya'll didn't know Manny can rap, one day we'll record him rapping! One day Universal will sign Manny and reggaeton will make a come back! actually maybe not!

I've actually heard a lot of positive things about THE KNUX, so I shall personally play this in my ride and give ya'll a chance. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint!

EDoki San was super happy when he saw the new BLINK 182 album in the mix....

STASH needs to do another project with Nike, but stay away from the air forces and do another air max or something. Would be nice if he would do a air max 1 or air max 90 right?!

Not a lot of dope air max 1 releases these days, this was probably one of the best releases in a few years: 112 Air Max 1 #CRACK.

The graphite XIVs are actually not bad at all in person, but I question if it owns up to all the past XIVs on the actual basketball court. Bet you didn't know this is probably 1 of the best Jordans to ball in, but probably not the best jordan's to stunt in.

Good variety of shoes came in today, a couple lebrons, older classic kobes and a few jordans that may satisfy your needs. Click HERE.

ATTN: RIO SAN 300 pairs+ of shoes are on the way to LA AVENUE. Time to PUSH SOME WEIGHT in Japan brotha!

The 2 lovebirds fighting about who's turn it is to buy each other shoes, just flip a coin Alex! Also yes, thats who know you chillen in the cut...

Everyones Favorite Pinoy Reseller: ILNOJ the SUPREME Hunter.

I have to say a big Thanks to Mike over @ Nike for finding me another pair of these Mr. Cartoon Motions for the ultra low price, Good People Helping Good People!

bet you thought that was Edouche for a minute huh?!

Going over a bunch of new designs for this coming Winter. We're planning on releasing a bunch of tees along with a set of snapbacks and don't forget out 5th Year Anniversary tee (MUST COP).

heres 1 of the tees that may make the cut, you know we love our tees clean and simple.

This is really really random, but do any of ya'll watch that show Modern Family on ABC? Well my lady watches it everyday and that 1 kid reminds me of Manny and funny thing is the kids name is Manny too on the show. Whenever I watch it I think of Manny haha . Al Bundy is in the show too and you already know he loves selling shoes...


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