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Sep 16, 2011


Gary Payton got his nickname "The Glove" when Payton's cousin called him during the 1993 Western Conference Finals series against Phoenix and told him, "you're holding Kevin Johnson like a baseball in a glove," and the nickname was born. 1998 Nike released the Payton Zoom Flight which featured a zip up glove like exterior, aka "The Glove".

The Glove Vs. Starbury:

Someone at the shops been super slackin so we're shipping him out Express style str8 back where he came from.

str8 to Huntington Park is where your going my friend :)

TONS of size US 11 just came into the shop and there a handful of Air Force 1 gems/grails you don't want to miss out on. Click HERE for size 11 greatness.

Heres my 4 favorite air forces out of the whole list, a must have for any Air Force 1 Collector.

entourages, pro bowls, mark smith lasers, and curry kobe samples #HEATERS

I'm personally not down with the High tops, but these are pretty dope to have for the af1 collezione.

Imagine if...? you were a size 17. I wonder how that would feel, I should ask Ron Artest lol.

Now imagine if... You needed quick cash for some random reason, or maybe you needed the extra money to buy some shoes, well we've been bailing out people for a longtime now! Just thought I'd remind people that we offer a #BAILOUT Plan if you ever needed the quick paper. We highly suggest doing consignment to maximize your profit, because we don't offer anything close to market value, we all have to eat right?

Meet the homie Everett whos been taking advantage of our #BAILOUT Plan and this time around he brought his homie Chris to see what we're all about. SD to LA baby!

Everyone has heard that one slogan by ROSS right? I GOT IT AT ROSS!. Not sure why anyone would want to say that, but in this case...1 of our consignment sellers came up on a Jordan CMFT Sole Collector for $50!!! yesssssss HE GOT IT AT ROSS!!!

I didn't get these babies at ROSS, but my good friend Victor did bless me with another 2 pairs of baby jays for my little one. Thanks Victor!!! you need to take me to the infamous warehouse one day my friend.



leopard wovens > xLARGE

air jordan > polo ralph lauren

yeezy > kanye west

bruce lee > chuck norris

Ed didn't want me to take a WDYWT shot of his Prada slippers so he took him off, wata poor sport :(. Can you believe these are retailed @ $1,200?!?


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