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Sep 26, 2011


If ya'll haven't seen the Nike Air Mags in person, make sure to swing by the shop and check them out. No you cannot try them on! Tell me why we met a dude who WON 5 pairs and literally showed us on his Iphone and he doesn't plan on paying for 1 pair! SMH man!

I would pay big $ to see RIF Verys Own MANNY F Baby rockin a pair of these! So who bought these thinking they would automatically be the coolest shoehead in the world? Well you gotta put in mad work and gain some mad knowledge to be considered 1 of the coolest shoeheads in the world. I rather be the coolest shoehead in the world than be a SHOELEBRITY :X.

Homie below flew all the way from the ATL to visit the shop finally and went back the same night, thats when you know you love shoes.

We overheard a group of KIDS in the shop whispering to themselves that our DMP 11s were fake because it had J O R D A N along the side. F*CKING NEWBIE, learn your sh!t or get out of the game!

Dude, if the shoes are brand new, then you NEEEEED to step on the small carpet located below the bench. F*CKING Bobby Lee... SMH!

We get homeless people everyday trying to consign some shoes they stumbled upon, some of them try and play it off like their not homeless .. SMH! we smell you man...

...and we definitely smell these dingy ass cortez's.

Dude these have to be like early 80s right? - homeless dude

Nah man, you get get brand new cortez's at the Swapmeet for $40 - heffe

Crunchy Carl always looking crunchy on a Monday.. We should all title Mondays as CRUNCHY MONDAYS, who the hell likes Monday? Wednesday is still HUMPDAY!

carl farris's sneaker shot: alife tennis ball pumps #CRACK

heffes like 4th pair of OG '85s:::

edouches like 4th time wearing this outfit this week::: jk mann!!

O yea we just got our Nike Magnums in .... jk mannn!, Nike Air Mag Pins for $30.00 a pop available in the shop!


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