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Sep 13, 2011


I met a fellow shoehead recently in the shop who brought his 4 kids and they were all rockin fresh kicks, not to add he has 2 more kids who were at school who he keeps laced up in kicks. Thats 6 kids! he can low key start a basketball team and maybe even get sponsored by Jordan Brand. One day I shall have my own basketball team!

I rather see kids beat their shoes up until they fall apart, unlike some people they act like penguins that walk all weird just to avoid the most minimal crease. Rock your kicks and when they get too beat, buy another fresh pair!

Couple sneaker shots of the day:

who would of thought teal went perfect with hot pink?

Nike Air Forever

SPAEMs leopard boot shot:

Couple fellow shoe heads from Norcal came down for the weekend to check out the shop, they even did a little video interview with young Manny and BrunoMURAD. Vid coming soon.

The Swagger Terminators, only someone who was blessed with unbelievable #SWAG can pull these babies off. This is the cheapest I've ever seen this pair, its a size US 10 for only $210.00 DS.... click HERE for automatic #SWAG.

charity 95s: #USA #Remember911

I know I'm super lagging on posting this Cool Grey 11 LEGIT CHECK POST, but I promise I will have it up by this week!
Young Carl is always on the prowl, literally hitting on every young girl he sees working around Little Tokyo. I don't know how he got this young lady to walk all the way to the shop and literally serve all the staff some tea.

get em carl... #THIRSTY

The Real Dicky Jones was in the building as you can see.

'99 white cement ivs : Nike Air Forever

W H A T T H E D U N KS ! ! ! The shoe that changed my life forever!


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