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Oct 14, 2008

Camile Velasco l GUAVA JELLY

Our girl Camile Velasco, just recently dropped her Single, "Guava Jelly". You guys might recognize her from her stint on AMERICAN IDOL. Camile recently signed a contract with Up Above Records.

Do yourself a favor and head to ITunes and check out her new single. Produced and featuring Stephen Marley.


Glenn Friesen said...
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Glenn Friesen said...

Heck ya! Camile is the woman of 08 for me!

Dude... she recorded a Bob Marley cover produced by Stephen Marley in Bob Marley's original home recording studio. Coupled with her original stuff... Wow. She's got it down! Great meeting you guys earlier.

She's got some downloads and autographed stuff on qmania.com/camilevelasco too... Thanks for representing for my girl Camile and for sneakerheads across LA!

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