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Jul 17, 2011


Only our boy Croatianstyle can make this picture happen, maybe he's part of the Entourage? Well he just hopped on Twitter so make sure to follow him because he's been posting daily deals/steals everyday. I'm just happy he's on our side :)


Anonymous said...

When you see pictures of hundreds of pairs of incredibly collectible shoes, what do you do? Do you bat your eyelids, panting with awe at the ginormous collection this one person built from nothing? Do you rush to his website, click buy it now, and receive a fresh pair of shoes for 20% more than their actual value within a day of purchase? Or, do you realize like me that ALL OF HIS PRODUCTS ARE COUNTERFEIT. Everything for sale through croatianstyle has to be non-authentic. He has sold over 100 pairs of SB DUNK HIGH FLOMS, an exclusive collector's sneaker with only 25 pairs in production. Am I the only person in the world who realize the GIANT SCAM that croatianstyle is running through ebay? The only I even know this is because there are websites out there where you can buy the coolest shoes in bulk and they will look 100% EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINALS, but will only cost around $50. Croatianstyle has to be one of the biggest scammers on ebay, because he convinces everyone that he is selling authentic products without providing any PROOF!

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