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May 31, 2010


Officer 3M Flawless Wallace came through to get his BLACK MAMBA on.

Homie George stays reppin that UNDFTD.

Eric & Mike O came down to make sure they got their BLACK MAMBA tees on lock.

Money Mike.

Sergio, one of our consignment sellers since day 1, stays supporting whatever we do. Thanks buddy.

Homie Edwins "sneaker shot" of the day: air burst eminem shadey

Mr. Wing, aka the only probation office I'm cool with. Rockin some visvim christos.

You can never go wrong with a fresh pair of prestos. Edouche picked up these babies for only $60.00.

Nick passing on his sneaker addiction to his young brother Lebron, just don't pass the tattoos on to him.

Lil Nick picked up some nds supreme trainers for $100.00, mighty nice pick up my friend.

Jonli & friend supporting the BLACK MAMBA movement.
"it takes a nation of millions to hold us back, hoe"

Not going to put you on blast, but your tiffanys are fake my friend. Would of told you in the store, but there was too many people that day. Don't worry, we are still your friend!

Bryant busted a Kobe Bryant and shaved his infamous fro off. I guess you have to grow up sometime right?

fragment design

A few old pictures we snapped when we left the store early to catch the Lakers KILL the Suns.

There isn't too many places to watch the Laker games around Little Tokyo, but the best place to go is Green Bamboo Chinese Restaurant on 2nd and Central.

Game time!

fried crab wonton time!

fried chicken wings, yum.

edouches favorite: crispy beef

We even got L A P D supporting the BLACK MAMBA movement.

Conner Tapley "HANDLES" picking up 2 PURRS of '99s V's for $160 TOTAL!

" handles " via 2001 tres

SATISFIED customers is what we aim for.

One of our youngest customers who fell into the addiction of sneakers EARLY in life, thanks to his pops. Made sure to pick up his BLACK MAMBA tee.

net yeezys, reminds me of the linen forces
Its weird because you would think these skaters below would be buying a pair of dunk sbs, but they all bought jordans and they also represent the marines. Keep up the good work guys.

Dickeyjones stopped in..

Edouche taking a picture with the '85 OG 1s I picked up earlier that day, how can you go wrong for $180.00 :)
my babies...'94, '85, '85

Today was definitely a good day :) I also picked up another DS '99 BRED IVs in my size. Check out that bubble!!!!

this is why I love shoes.

Our friend Quiz representing BLUE DIVISION just dropped off his most recent mixtape "Pass or Fail". Feel free to pick up your free copy at the shop.

Check out his newest music video "Ain't Goin Nowhere" Feat. Kboy and Conflict

Everyday GOOD people we meet Everyday.


ILNOJ said...
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ILNOJ said...

LOL at the dude with Tiffakey's. The shoes look mad big on him. Haha.

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freshkixonmyfeet said...

LA wins.


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