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May 26, 2010


One of the best dunk sb lows that ever released, this is a must have for any nike dunk sb collector. Just pass on a few new released nike sbs, and save up for some quality to add to your collection.


Getting our new business cards in next week, yes! Thanks Pudge. This one below is a little too plain don't you think?

Edouche acquired a 2nd phone to better serve your sneaker needs, feel free to ask for it if your ever in the store.

Louis always buying up the size 10-10.5 Jordan goodies.

Went across the street to buy some CO JP. drinks, milk tea, green tea, etc.

For 4 years now, this older korean dude below walks around the streets of Little Tokyo going up to random people with the same story.

"Hi sir, my car ran out of gas, my sister died after having twins and i need to get to the hospital asap, please do you have a couple dollars"

dam people have the nerve.

sukiyaki bowl from TOT, located directly across the street. Its pretty much a Yoshinoya beef bowl x 10 :)

BIG MAC and Little Mac swung down to pick up a few donations for the Mission.

Nu-nu and Easy flew down from Chicago to do some necessary networking for their clothing brand called "Coliseum", coming to a retailer near you.

Ya'll remember the infamous dynamic duo? No not Kobe and Shaq.

James dropped off a box of Portos: cream cheese pastries yum.

Mannys all cheesin it.

Looks like Jeffrey James picked up a few "grown up" shoes for his trip to Japan.

Hes even breaking out one of his fresh Supreme tees, oooweee...


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