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May 20, 2010


As a growing business we felt it is time for RIF to grow its FAMILY. We are in dawn of a NEW beginning. We are not only restructuring the organization from the outside( website, blog, store front) but most importantly from the backend. We are doing all this for YOU the customer our friends. We want to serve the customer to the best of our abilities and though many of you think our service is BAR NONE as RIF we believe its NOT Enough.

In starting any career especially anything associated with sneakers and our culture an Education is not always the answer into getting in the field

Many companies including Footlocker, Footaction, Nike etc. are not only looking for those that show passion in the industry but a distinct candidate that has expertise and hands on learning experience.

The POSSIBLITIES are endless for interns to learn valuable new skills and discover their true talents. With an INTERSHIP, you can really get a FEEL for your chosen field or destiny in this culture. Will it be what you EXPECT? Or maybe it will surpass you expectations?

With that said, RIF is currently looking for 2 NEW INTERNS to join the RIF FAMILY. Not only will you gain valuable work experience but you can hangout with the ONE and ONLY Edouche.

We are currently looking for:

Hard working Hungry Interns with thats capable of learning quick and efficient.

If this is You, please send your RESUME to mail@rif.la or come in and drop off your resume.

Header: Summer Intern

compensation? we can talk about that when time is right, you WON'T be disappointed. :)


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