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May 6, 2010


Another sunny day in SOCAL. Nice enough where Edouche was sitting outside most of the day.
What's a Sunny Socal day without a pair of the Un-Official Official socal shoes.
Nike Cortez.
It was SOO nice outside that even Jeff sat outside for a bit.
Neighborhood X Adidas Boat Shoes
Even Jason from ARCHRIVAL Agrees that SOCAL weather cant be beat.
"You mad?"
Our Boy Roman from the Office Depot Parking Lot, Pimpin in his Alpha Bit AM1.
Jeff got this fortune today after eating his Chinese food. You will all witness a miracle, stay tuned on the blog.
Remember the homeless homey we donated the DEADSTOCK Kobe 1's to? Well he swung by to chat it up a bit and introduce his new lady to us.
It was nice meeting you Ms. Baker
Nima "in the penn sharing showers" came by to bother us as usual.
It was such a nice day out that we decided to head over to SKID Row and donate the handful of shoes and cloths that all of you kindly donated. Again it is because of ALL of you, the LESS fortunate of Los Angeles are better clothed and happier then they were yesterday.

Here's Manny setting up the give away section.

The Less fortunate kind enough to gently scour over the giveaways and not grabbing all that they can carry like last time.
Manny Fresh stepping back and letting the needy choose what they like.
Homie with a SUPREME T? with some fresh Nike Huaraches to match.

Homie with the All Over print button down and Stussy hat had to have the ICE CREAM Bapes, hope you enjoy them my friend.
New ACG's for the rough streets of LA
Homie wanted to keep the earth tone look going what better shoe than a cream Adidas. Stay up my man

Traded going on, looks like a dunk ex-change

Tropicana Orange Juice X Kobe 2

Well played Manny time to head back to the shop.
"with out struggle there is no progress"- Fredrick Douglas
Detox on Skid Row..im gooooddddd
Ready set GO.

Two of our LOYAL Customers(Brandon and Jason) from Australia came through to shoe us a love, we chatted it up abit about sneakers and shoes in AUSTRALIA. We appreciate the support brothers...enjoy those shirts! see you soon mates
Mr. Ton picking up his consignment check, repping his RIF "pushing weight" T which is SOLD out but stay tuned :)

Our Boy Jimmy's girl(owner of ETIKLAB) came down for a VERY important meeting.
Stayed TUNED FRIENDS, you wont be disappointed.

 peep her site.


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