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May 4, 2010


RIF Staff can't start their day without a couple cups of iced coffees from Starbucks which is just right around the corner on Central and 2nd St.

Edouche probably owns the most Neighborhood pieces in the U.S.

Guess who's that grown up man putting in some hardwork...

You ever wonder why Manny has been calling off and coming in late? Well there you go.

Andre the Bum going crazyyyyyyy because I won't make him anymore "FUCK YOUR SNEAKERS" tees to rock around the streets of DTLA. He said it made him the most money when he use to rock it.

But in the meantime hes still rockin this "BUYING FAKE SHOES SUPPORT TERRORISM" tee that I made yearsssss ago.

I think our boy JB wants to get his Louis Vuitton Don on. This one is actually not too bad, considering all the other super bright ones that released.

Homie Paolo always dropping off kicks and picking up checks. Still managed to carry 7 pairs of shoes with his cast on.

Trying on my new Polo jacket that I'll be rockin next Winter sometime. Too HOT to be rockin anything like this in Los Angeles.

Left the shop to grab a quick bite to eat @ Daikokuya, on the way I ran into the homie who makes sure everyone is safe in Little Tokyo.

I wonder what happen to the famous tower that stood high in the Japanese Village?!? Anyone know?

Not the best spot to get Ramen, but probably the best in Little Tokyo that I've tried. This place gets mad packed @ night.

yes oh yes, carbs...

Sorry so blurry, but GYOZA is a must have over here @ Daiko...

my ladies favorite, tuna sashimi

gotta love '99s

gotta love 2002

This dude loves to break my neck at least twice a month, thanks Mr. Dulay

Click HERE for todays "new arrivals"

ballistic sk8 hi

jeremy scotts

One of RIF's first staff member, Raph, came down to contribute a bunch of shoes and clothes to our donation stash. He even donated the shoes right off his feet, what a nice dude. I'll be making a round to Skidrow next week! Good people help good people, it always comes back to you.

"I don't think anyone in Skidrow would want to wear your checkered boxers my friend...."
- heffe

Thank you Mr. Dulay for my belated Birthday present! Supreme shorts, right on time for Summer.
his and hers

Laker Nation stand up! We gotta RE.IN.FORCE the LAKERS!!!


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