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May 24, 2010


BIG ANT came down to chop it up and talk about sneaker politics. You might see him a lot walking around the streets of Los Angeles.

JK just got out of Twin Towers, next stop is the halfway house, so he made sure to pick up a sneaker donation before he was off.


3M Flawless Wallace always on the prowl for some size 13 goodies.

This Saturday....

Ed attempting to model

converse fragments

1 half of the lee bro's came in to drop off a pair of carolina ixs


Remember Yaos bro? Well hes back!

A couple cats from TEAM AM FAM came down to finally peep out the shop. Showed them a few air max's that weren't out on the floor nor the website, but will go up SOON.

patta chlorophyll

sample spiridons

patta purple denim 5th anniv

Who killed Captain America?

answer: this guy below, mr. dickey jones

red supreme his

Father and Son from Mexico who stay "throwing it in the bag"

You just got SOHROBBED!!!!

Dandee from Johnny Cupcakes dropped off a few worn goodies for consignment and he personally gave us a sneak peek of his upcoming footwear project (below). Edouche gives it a 2 THUMBS up.

Our boys DJ Wrispect and DJ Mike Dangerous came down to pick up some shoes and drop off some mixtape's for our listening pleasure. Clipse and Drake, how can you go wrong?


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