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May 16, 2010


I'd be scared if I was the one rocking these louis vuittons below, all light grey suede uppers. Its probably as bad as wearing city series dunk sb toky's. I guess if you have the paper, there's nothing to it, I hate you ED.

We are officially swamped with so much shoes, so please think before you try and bring some random stuff for consignment because we may just send you home with the same amount of boxes. NO OFFENSE.

Brazils finest soda since 1921: Guarana (thanks Eric)

Homie's pick up of the day: fresh pair of freddys

sneaker shots
chirping birds w/white sb laces

ED giving the new age collectors some important tips when it comes to collecting shoes.

1. QUALITY over QUANTITY. (don't just buy anything that comes out, buy what you like! duh!)

2. DO NOT buy your girlfriend sneakers. (they really don't like shoes, and when ya'll break up, they will just sell them @ RIF :) )

3. BE PATIENT when it comes to looking for your grails. (you don't want to get RAPED)

4. If you collect shoes to be FAMOUS or COOL, then you might want to change your
hobby. (SMH)

5. Always double check what your buying, FAKE shoes are getting GOOD. ( you'll be surprise which stores I caught selling fakes ;) )

Actually these are Jeff's 5 tips when it comes to collecting shoes. I have 100 more tips.

...to be continued.

Mannyfresh's first pair of Visvims.

visvim christo, runs you anywhere from $300-$600

b-grade londons.
I remember when people were running around buying these for $40.00 a pop!

Murad, his lady, and friend came down to the store to get some business done. Picked up 3 consignment checks, donated 4 pairs of shoes, and even picked up an nds tweed low size 6.5 for $100. Not bad huh! Thanks guys!

While I was busy inputing all the new consignment onto the website, Simba came around the counter and gave me a little surprise. Not all pitbulls are dangerous!


Anonymous said...

which stores ^^ bro??

markdashark1 said...

Hey how can you tell if Kanye West LV Jaspers are real or fake?

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